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Groundwork/Natural Horsemanship/Parelli

Relationship building, making backwards progress and sideways!

In the last couple of weeks I’ve felt Abbey and I are getting closer.

It started at the last dressage and we were waiting for the scores to come out. I left her on the van to go to the office and when I returned she murmured to me. She did the same thing when I went to get another horse in about a week ago.

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Saddles – arrrgggh!!

I hate saddle shopping.  When I got my first horse I was sooooo excited about buying my first saddle but it was a bitter experience.
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Training techniques mix & match; a well rounded or confused pony?

From Parelli and Natural Horsemanship to classical dressage and showjumping, I’ve a pretty open mind but is it helping or hindering our progress?

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Bareback and bitless

Continuing from the ‘Inspired’ thread, I rode Abbey bareback and bitless earlier this week.

I chose my moment carefully – Abbey can be a little sharp and spooky but she was in the right mood,we’d done lots of groundwork and she felt very ‘joined up’.

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Lay down practice…day 2

Nailed it!


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Just watched the full length video of Emma Massingale‘s The Island Project.  This lady is quite amazing and I can only aspire to have her patience, self control and determination!

Here’s the trailer:

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Beginning to go sideways

We’ve started lateral work!

Well, we started a little while ago with some groundwork. She’s moved her backend away on cue for ages and about a month ago I started moving the front end too.  In true Abbey-style at first she got cross not understanding what I wanted and then it clicked.

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Normal positivitey resumes!

I’ve a good friend down the yard who’s just got a new horse. Every now and again she gives me the kick I need. Despite the dreadful conditions on Tuesday she persuaded to join her and her new steed in the indoor for some desensitisation groundwork.

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