A massive thank you to The Scottish Rider for my nomination. I love your honesty (your reports of the lows as well as the highs), that you challenge convention (like your rugging post) and how you mix it up with different points of view (Diary of a moody mare).

Why I started this blog

Selfishly, I started this blog for myself!

I wanted a way to track how Abbey and I were progressing (the highs as well as the lows) and somewhere to put the schooling exercises/info/bits n bobs I found on the internet.

I started keeping a diary and then wondered whether anyone else might be interested.

When I started I didn’t know it would turn into so much more. Over the last couple of years the blog has been a big source of motivation,it’s been a great tool for learning and I’ve made friends through it.

When I’ve been down or fed up, had a bad schooling session or just grumpy because of the cold wet nights, I look at some of the videos from when we first started and see just how far we’ve come.  It gives me the motivation to get my big girl pants on and try again.

Seeing how much fun Abbey and I have together also also keeps me motivated – without the hard work and schooling (or mucking out and poo picking), we can’t do the fun stuff like fun rides and show jumping.  It’s a great motivation.

Often I look back at the exercises I’ve done in the past, or those that I’ve found on the internet.  Sometimes I forget exercises my RI has shown me to resolve a particular issue, reviewing the blog reminds me of those and I’m sure it’s helped Abbey & I to progress.

Two pieces of advice

• Posts don’t have to be perfect – good is good enough, get them up and think about the next one.  It’s too easy to spend hours perfecting a post…that’s can get boring and it can put you off from drafting a post (we’re all busy, if it takes an hour then you’re less likely to sit down and do it).

• Short posts are often the best posts – don’t be afraid of the short blog post, sometimes you don’t need to write an essay, a couple of hundred words says it all.

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